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Project Cars 2

The Man Formerly The Stig tells VRFocus why Project Cars 2 is the most Realistic VR Driving Game

Ben Collins tells us how realistic Project Cars 2 really is.

Virtual Reality (VR) has been used across many disciplines to train staff by placing them in simulations of real-life scenarios. Not only is this a cheaper and more efficient way of training staff, but it’s safer too. Nobody would know more about the dangers of racing than racing car driver Ben Collins. Ben Collins is well known for having been the Stig on British television series about motor vehicles, Top Gear. In this interview he tells VRFocus‘s Nina Salomons about upcoming Project Cars 2 and how he was asked to come on board to give feedback in order to create the most realistic physics and handling of the cars.

He tells Nina how he used anything and everything to prepare for his Formula 3 races. The simulations he did of the race tracks are nothing compared to the realism VR can offer racers with Project Cars 2. He continues to describe how the physics and engine they’ve built is now more realistic than the electric cars today and how it is being used to train today’s racers. To find out more about the game watch the interview video below to find out more.

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