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The Void Ghostbusters: Dimension

THE VOID Expands To Envelop Canada

Out-of-home VR experience Ghostbusters: Dimension will be coming to The Rec Room in Toronto, Canada.

As out-of-home virtual reality (VR) continue to grow, so we will see more and more venues featuring exclusive location-based VR experiences that are not available at home. One company that has already developed a reputation for creating high-quality VR experiences is THE VOID who are now launching an experience in Toronto.

THE VOID will be launching its newest VOID Experience Centre in Toronto, Canada as part of a joint venture with Cineplex. The venture is poised to create a now location for eating and entertainment called The Rec Room, which is designed to merge videogaming with music, live entertainment and dining.

The first VR experience that THE VOID will be bringing to the venue will be Ghostbusters: Dimension, a VR experience created in collaboration with Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman and Sony Pictures Virtual Reality. The experience allows visitors to find out what it is like to be a Ghostbuster, chasing down and trapping supernatural creatures.

Ghostbuster Dimension elevator-ghost

“We’re committed to transporting everyone, everywhere on virtual adventures. To deliver on that promise, THE VOID will continue to open our unique entertainment centers in key markets and major destination cities,” said Cliff Plumer, CEO of THE VOID. “Toronto is in the heart of Ontario’s tourism hub and represents the type of market that THE VOID is looking for; a great entertainment metropolis where tourists and natives alike value amazing experiences. By partnering with Cineplex, a leading entertainment and media company which owns and operates The Rec Room, THE VOID will bring immersive and interactive VR to a broad consumer audience.”

Ghostbusters: Dimensions previously appeared at Madam Tussauds in New York.

VRFocus will continue to report on new locations for out-of-home VR experiences.

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