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There Is No Escape In Space Panic VR on HTC Vive

The sci-fi virtual reality title is available now on Early Access

Most escape rooms make it difficult to, well, escape. No surprise there. But what would be the most difficult possible escape room to make it out of? Whatever you’re thinking, you’re probably wrong, unless you said it’s a room in space. Because that would be correct, and Space Panic VR is going to bring that experience to you thanks to virtual reality (VR).

The new sci-fi escape room videogame released today on Steam for HTC Vive owners. Set aboard a space station, players will have to investigate their environment and solve puzzles in order to make their way out.

One of the best parts of the experience might be the view – being able to look out of the windows and see planet earth below is mesmerising.

The game is room-scale, so you’ll need a fairly large play space, as HTC Vive owners will already know. You’ll also be able to teleport around the room – so those with smaller spaces are still catered for.

Exploring the space station and interacting with your environment is the main activity of course, solving puzzles along the way, as you can see in the trailer below. The space station takes on a sterile white environment – as you might expect – and puzzle stand out in the other clinical surroundings.

The only thing we think they might’ve missed here is the possibility for anti-gravity gameplay, as currently it seems this space station has advanced gravity technology. Though, this is Early Access, so there’s still time for the game to grow and add much more.

For everything you need to know about Space Panic VR, check out the game on Steam and watch the trailer below. For everything on the latest VR videogames, make sure to keep reading VRFocus.

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