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Tobii Integrates Eye-Tracking Technology Into HTC Vive

Integration of eye-tracking technology opens up new research potential for VR scenarios.

Tobii Pro, a company focussed on eye-tracking research, has announced a new solution that can be integrated into a commercial HTC Vive headset. The tool, along with the software development kit, is being made available for researchers.

The Tobii Pro integration uses a HTC Vive business edition along with the Tobii eye tracking technology to track all types of eyes, able to collect eye-tracking data at 120 Hz, which allows researchers to study new possibilities in areas such as psychology, human behaviour and human performance. The addition of the eye-tracking technology via retro-fitting into a readily available commercial virtual reality (VR) headset allows researchers to run scenarios that were previously considered too difficult or costly.

“Combining eye tracking with VR is growing as a research methodology and our customers have started to demand this technology to be part of their toolkit for behavioral studies. The Tobii Pro VR Integration is our first step in making eye tracking in immersive VR a reliable and effective research tool for a range of fields. It marks our first major expansion of VR-based research tools,” said Tom Englund, president, Tobii Pro.

“Eye tracking in immersive VR will open up opportunities for new ways of evaluating research questions that leverage the ability to control the environment and the net gain for researchers will be stronger insights that will be more predictive of real-world behaviour,” said Dr. Tim Holmes, director of research and development at Acuity Intelligence and Honorary Research Associate at Royal Holloway, University of London.

The SDK that comes along with the technology solution allows for eye-tracking data collection for live interactions and analysis and is compatible with Matlab, Python and .Net with Unity.

A video demonstration of the eye-tracking solution can be viewed below.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Tobii eye-tracking technology as it becomes available.

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