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Tokyo’s VR Zone Brings Dragon Ball, Gundam and Evangelion into Virtual Reality

Bandai Namco are developing brand new VR titles for the VR arcade.

We’re sure we’ve all dreamed of wielding a Kamehameha before as power bursts forth from our Super Saiyan hairdo – but that’s been just a dream, until now of course. VR Zone is the brand new virtual reality (VR) arcade that’s coming to Tokyo’s Shinjuku district, and it’s bringing some beloved franchises into the virtual world.

Bandai Namco are developing many of the VR titles coming to VR Zone, including the surprise inclusion of Mario Kart Arcade GP VR. Dragon Ball is just one of the franchises being given the virtual treatment, with Evangelion and Gundam games giving mech fans two good reasons to book a trip to Japan’s capital.

Dragon Ball VR will have players imitating Goku’s iconic Kamehameha, while a unique platform to stand on will make the ground shake as you charge your move – that’s what we call immersion.

Evangelion VR meanwhile will fulfil the dreams of robot fans everywhere as they pilot an EVA while sitting in a unique “Entry Plug” cockpit.

The full list of games playable at VR Zone is below.

  • Dragon Ball VR: Master The Kamehameha
  • Mario Kart Arcade GP VR
  • Evangelion VR The Throne of Souls
  • Gundam VR Daiba Assault
  • Test the limits of your courage! Hanechari (Winged Bicycle)
  • Dinosaur Survival Run Jungle of Despair
  • Fishing VR GIJIESTA
  • Armored Trooper Votoms Battling Dudes
  • Interactive Cinematic VR Attraction Argyle Shift
  • Extreme Courage Test Machine Fear of Heights: The Show
  • Immersive Horror Room Hospital Escape
  • Steep Downhill Ski Simulator Ski Rodeo

Many of the videogame titles above suffer from a bit of Japenglish translation issues – we can safely assume Test the limits of your courage! Hanechari (Winged Bicycle) wouldn’t be the final title if it were localised outside of Japan.

It seems unlikely that any of these titles will be released for us to play on our HTC Vive at home, but we can certainly dream. With any luck, we’ll see these VR experiences come to an arcade near us in the future.

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