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Echo Arena

Try Echo Arena’s Early Access for Free June 23rd

Try the new multiplayer VR game before release for free on June 23rd

We’re on the third day of E3, and the game announcements keep coming. Today Intel have presented us with a bunch of new details about Ready at Dawn’s Echo Arena, which is launching next month.

The game will be launching for free for a limited time for Oculus Rift owners on July 20th 2017.

But if you just can’t wait for July to try the new virtual reality (VR) game Echo Arena – sister title to Lone Echo – you can play the Early Access Beta Weekend for free from 10:00 am PT on June 23rd.

Ready at Dawn’s Echo Arena is an alternative to their new game Lone Echo. Players are split into teams of five and then compete in low gravity arenas where they must capture a ball and score goals. The arenas are filled with obstacles, making that much more difficult than it may sound.

Echo Arena launches for free on Oculus Rift on July 20th, but if you just can’t wait, be sure to sign up to the early access beta as soon as it’s available.

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