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Space Junkies - Key Art

Ubisoft Announce A Brand New VR Shooter, Space Junkies

The anti-gravity shooter will come to Oculus Rift, HTC Vive

E3 2017 has been great for virtual reality (VR) – so many developers and publishers are doubling down, showing their keen support for the medium. Ubisoft are no different, and they’ve just announced a brand new low-gravity multiplayer VR shooter, Space Junkies.

Space Junkies is described as a “visceral, jetpack-fueled VR arcade shooter.” Players do battle in The Dirty Bowl, a deadly challenge that’ll see you fighting in Orbital Arenas, known in-game as Orenas.

There’s not many competitive multiplayer games available for VR, so it’s nice to see a large publisher like Ubisoft with enough faith in the medium to develop a VR-exclusive title.

The game will play with the idea of gravity in a variety of unique ways – Orenas of course are low gravity, allowing you to fly around in 3D space, and also allowing foes to approach you from literally any direction.

You must keep your wits about you as you use the unique physics and micro-gravity to fight against your friends and enemies. Your decisions can cause chain reactions, destroy environmental objects and dynamic lighting will react to your alterations.

The game will also include weapons such as “Sunblasters” and “Bioguns,” whatever those are.

This isn’t the only VR experience Ubisoft have revealed at E3 2017 – they announced Transference, a game being made in conjunction with SpectreVision. Transference’s Creative Director is well-known actor Elijah Woods, who hopes to break the boundaries of interactive entertainment with the title.

Space Junkies will be releasing on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but doesn’t have a confirmed release date quite yet.

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