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Unreal Engine Gets Early Access MacOS High Sierra Support

Epic Games has released an early access version of Unreal Engine support for mac OS High Sierra via GitHub.

Epic Games have announced the release of Early Access support for the upcoming version of the MacOS, High Sierra, to allow developers to develop for virtual reality (VR) using the Mac platform.

Mac OS 10.13, code-named High Sierra, was announced as being capable of supporting VR at this year’s WWDC, the Apple Development Conference in California. After the announcement, Epic Games took to the stage alongside renowned special effects experts Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) to demonstrate the new functionality, displaying how Unreal Engine in VR mode worked on the new version of the OS on a brand new iMac Pro.

Unreal Engine_macOS_support

Epic Games subsequently released the Early Access support for Unreal Engine for development of VR on Mac platforms via the Unreal Engine GitHub repository. The version available on GitHub is a early access release, so full functionality may not yet have been made available. Epic Games have confirmed that full support for VR development on Mac platforms is part of upcoming releases of Unreal Engine, alongside general Metal 2 support and various general Mac optimisation tweaks.


The updated version of Unreal Engine, version 4.18 binary tools, will feature the updated functionality and is expected to be released for developer previews in September 2017, with a full release in early October 2017.

Apple have been embracing VR and augmented reality (AR) much more of late. With Apple’s general habit of thoroughly testing the waters when it comes to new technology, Apple were somewhat behind with regards to AR and VR technology. It was recently announced that Steam VR would soon get Mac support and along with the upcoming new iPhone’s updated AR support, it seems that Apple are trying to catch up.

VRFocus will continue to bring you news on Apple’s new AR and VR technology.

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