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VR Short Film Digital Rainforest Seeks Crowdfunding

VR short film tells of a young man who loses himself in the past using VR to escape reality.

As the virtual reality (VR) field develops, it begins to have an influence on society. There have previously been movies, books and TV shows that speculate on how VR will affect our daily lives, and an upcoming project by filmmaker Kii Belling is seeking to explore some of the implications of VR, from within VR.

A short film titled Digital Rainforest is currently in pre-production. The film tells the story of a young man named Sam, who discovered a VR program called ‘Rainforest’ that allows the user to re-live past memories. Heartbroken after a breakup, Sam takes to reliving his happy memories, slowly rejecting the real world and his friends and family in favour of the more palatable virtual reality.

Belling has said the themes involved are very personal: “This is an incredibly personal project. It’s something that we’ve all been through at some point; heartbreak and grief and loss of some sort, whether it’s romantic or not. And I think it’s pretty exciting and socially relevant to explore this with the lens of near-future technology.”

Belling and the rest of the team working on the project are seeking $6,500 (USD) in funding to cover basic production costs. The money is planned to go towards camera and lighting equipment, locations, production design, props, costumes and special effects.

Digital Rainforest is seeking funding through the Australian Cultural Fund crowdfunding scheme. The campaign will end on the 26th July, 2017. Further information can be found on the official ACF Crowdfunding page.

If the funding campaign is successful, filming of Digital Rainforest will begin in August.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Digital Rainforest and other VR crowdfunding projects as it becomes available.

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