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VR Sword Simulator Katana X Launches on Steam Early Access

Those wishing to follow the path of the blade can do so now in Early Access

Accurately wielding a blade has been a gamer’s dream since the first footage of the Wii in action, with the motion controlled console promising so much. Technology has moved on since a decade ago though, and those early demos are now as unrealistic as they are old-hat – virtual reality (VR) sword fighting, on the other hand, is a new, immersive experience that puts these older technologies to shame.

Katana X is a new game from developers Aargle, and it promises accessible and fun sword simulation. The developers say the game requires physical skill, and hand-eye coordination to get high scores.

Designed to essentially be a VR version of Fruit Ninja, players use either the HTC Vive motion-tracked controllers or Oculus Touch controllers to wield a sword and slice a variety of objects in real-time, such as poles and a variety of fruit. The game will take you to a variety of areas, such as a training dojo, or a platform floating at sea, and both of those will have night and day scenarios.

The game is available right now on Steam, and looks pretty promising. In the mixed reality (MR) video footage below you can see players standing in their chosen environment and slicing things into pieces with their katana. It looks fun, and we can only hope they’ll introduce new modes and features in coming updates.

For everything you need to know about Katana X, check the trailer below, and for all of the latest VR videogames and experiences, make sure to keep reading VRFocus.

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