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Walkthrough Launches Virtual Home Tours in Austin and New York

The company has already established itself in Denver, San Francisco, and Cincinnati.

Virtual reality (VR) technology isn’t just transforming the entertainment industry but many others as well. One of which is the real estate market, and VR company Walkthrough is providing the tools allowing consumers to virtually tour homes without the need to book an appointment.

Today, the company has announced the expansion of its offerings launching in Austin, Texas and New York in addition to Denver, Colorado, San Francisco, California and Cinncinnati, Ohio.

Walkthrough demo

Using Matterport cameras, Walkthrough images homes which can then be viewed through a VR headset like HTC Vive, immersing customers in a potential home that could be hundreds of miles away, rather then just looking through pictures on sites like Zillow, Apartments.com and Craigslist.

Realtors signup to the service with Walkthrough providing HDR pictures and a 3D home tour as well as the VR service. As VR can put customers inside the house it gives them a much better sense of space and scale that’s difficult to reflect in images alone. It also allows multiple homes to be viewed in a short space of time, reducing the burden of visiting each one.

“Although the quality of a few of the homes needs some quality improvement and there is a small percentage of the active homes in the market, brokerages are using the experience to understand buyer preferences and get a feel for what they want. That way they’re driving to less homes and making the process more efficient,” said Pascal Wagner, CEO of Walkthrough.

Walkthrough was born one year ago, when Wagner and co-founder Jeremy Thiesen came up with premise. The company has already raised an angel round in January 2017, securing $325,000 USD of investment.

Checkout Walkthrough’s introduction video below, and for further updates keep reading VRFocus.

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