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What you Missed at E3 PC Gaming Show: Everything VR

Intel are serious about bringing VR into eSports

Everybody thought that Microsoft would be showcasing a lot of virtual reality (VR) with Xbox One X, but everybody was a little disappointed when there was no mention of VR at all. It’s 2017 and VRFocus is at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), surely there has to be some VR? 

Luckily Intel is looking to the future, and that involves VR.  In this video recap you’ll see how Intel wants to bring more players to eSports, and they’re doing this by supporting Ready at Dawn’s Echo Arena, introducing VR the worldwide VR Challenger League, showcasing the first footage of Seeking Dawn and supporting Linkin Park’s VR Destination experience.  There’s a lot more, find out more in the video below.

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