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Arizona Sunshine PlayStation VR screenshot

What’s Changed in Arizona Sunshine for PlayStation VR?

They want it to be exactly the same game you play on the PC.

Vertigo Games released Arizona Sunshine for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive several months ago and the popular first-person shooter (FPS) has now come to PlayStation VR. VRFocus has reviewed the videogame here. VRFocus interviewed Lead Programmer Trevor Blom about the technical changes that Vertigo Games did in order to make Arizona Sunshine suitable for the PlayStation VR.

Nothing has dramatically changed, it is essentially still the same videogame. That was exactly the intention. Blom explains that a lot of the physics behind the killing of zombies and lighting design is too much for the PlayStation VR to handle. So they’ve had to use a lot of tricks and optimizations to make it work. For example, they use ragdoll animations instead of the same physics as the PC, re-did the lighting and had to remove the physics for destruction. All of this luckily doesn’t effect the number of zombies attacking the player or their death animations.

He also gives a few pointers for developers looking to make a virtual reality (VR) game and building it for the PlayStation VR. Watch the video below to find out more. If you want to find out more about Vertigo Games, VRFocus also did an interview  with co-founder and Managing director Richard Sitselaar about the future of the company.

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