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WHIST Mixed Reality Theatre Experience Comes to London

An experience mixing art, theatre and videogame-style interactivity comes to London’s Ugly Duck venue.

Many artists and creators are attempting to get to grips with virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies to explore the possibilities that it creates. One such group of creators is AΦE, a dance company who are using mixed reality (MR) to create a new type of theatre experience.

Inspired by the ‘dream theory’ of Dr. Sigmun Freud, the show WHIST uses 360-degree film, soundscapes and a physical art installation to create an environment that can be used to explore the subconscious. As the viewer explores the world they are in, both physical and virtual, the path they choose can influence the ending, allowing the viewer to have a part in the unfolding story, instead of being a passive observer. This mixing of art, theatre and interactivity blurs the line between theatre and videogame. The creators of the WHIST experience say there are up to 76 narrative possibilities for visitors to explore.

“From a technical point of view, it was challenging for us to come up with solutions to incorporate more than 110 minutes of film in high resolution with interactive 3D sound, and to create a seamless interactivity between real objects and the world within the VR headset. WHIST represents innovation in theatre making and touring formats, as well as pushing boundaries in Virtual Reality Storytelling.” said creators from AΦE.

WHIST will be touring in various places in UK and Europe, starting at the Ugly Duck in London from 23rd-25th June, 2017. A 360-degree video trailer can be viewed below. Further information can be found on the WHIST event page on Facebook.

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