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World’s Largest Media Services Agency Launches VR Development Initiative

Horizon Media’s UNCVR program will help foster development on VR, AR, MR and 360 video

The world’s largest media agency, Horizon Media, has launched UNCVR. Partnering with STXsurreal, an experienced VR development studio, and OmniVirt, specialists in 360 video ads, the teams plan to expand development of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and 360 video content.

Horizon Media’s President and Founder, Bill Koenigsberg, is excited about the new mediums; “We  are always looking to create the most immersive and engaging experience for our clients and their brands.”

Koenigsberg continues; “We can only do this if we are continuously looking around the next corner and evaluating the potential creative and business opportunities with every piece of new technology. UNCVR is a big step into the virtual space and we are excited to make this move with STXsurreal to unlock its potential.”

UNCVR’s name is inspired by the team’s ability to work with and innovate in new mediums, ‘uncovering’ new possibilities. STXsurreal’s involvement can’t be understated either – the studio has plenty of experience in producing videos for platforms such as YouTube and Facebook 360 Video.

STXsurreal’s Co-Presidents, Rick Rey and Andy Vick, are positive that UNCVR will open the door for new talent in the medium; “Data increasingly shows that VR/360 platforms deliver significant audience retention and engagement.

They go on to say; “As audience demand for compelling, premium content in the immersive space grows, this represents a huge opportunity to bring major talent into VR and help them engage their fan base in bold and game-changing ways.  We look forward to being the go-to VR partners of Horizon UNCVR’s influential and innovative brands, to unlock the next-generation of storytelling.”

UNCVR will hopefully introduce new talent into the medium, and increase the amount of VR, AR and MR content available to users.

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