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Xbox One X

Xbox’s Major Nelson Comments on Xbox One X’s VR Support

Microsoft’s E3 presentation left us wondering if VR had been left in the cold…

E3 2017 is already in full swing, with Microsoft’s presentation being the latest to share gaming news with the world. The Xbox One X might be the most powerful console in the world, but without support for virtual reality (VR) devices, it lacks a crucial feature gamers truly want.

We were left wondering where VR support for the Xbox One X was, stating; “Despite the huge enthusiasm for VR and rapidly growing audience for the medium, it’s not going to sell consoles in the same way as a new Assassin’s Creed title or Forza Motorsport 7. Instead, it’s likely that we’ll see confirmation of the agenda a little further down the road to launch.”

Well in a conversation Geoff Keighley, Xbox’s Major Nelson, real name Larry Hyrb, spoke of potential Xbox One X VR support when pressed; “Yeah, we talked a little about that last year, and we’re not sharing any details today, but this is certainly a tremendously powerful piece of hardware. And it’s designed to really drive the experiences that gamers are demanding.”

Keighley presses further, asking if we can expect dedicated VR devices to use with our Xbox One X consoles in the future. Hyrb replies; “Yeah, it’s possible.”

It’s certainly a world away from confirmation, but it’s good to know that VR is within Microsoft’s sights – after all, this is far away from denying VR support. The question now is whether we’ll see Microsoft introduce their own VR head-mounted display solution, or they’ll be looking to support Oculus Rift, or HTC Vive.

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