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360-Degree Video Editing App for Smartphones

V360 editing suite already out for Android, with iOS version coming soon.

Studies have shown that 360-degree video is currently one of the most popular ways of consuming virtual reality (VR) content. With the current trend of increasing numbers of 360-degree cameras coming to market, user-created 360-degree content is becoming more popular. V360 are aiming to make this even easier by launching an editing suite for smartphones.

The current process for editing 360-degree videos usually involves several steps before the user even gets to sit down to do actual editing, since the process often involves transferring videos from the camera, to a paired smartphone, then to a PC. The V360 app is trying to simplify the process by putting a 360-degree editing program directly on a smartphone.

The developers behind the V360 app claim it as a perfect companion to any 360 degree camera currently available, saying the app is compatible with 360 degree cameras released by big names such as Samsung, Nikon, Kodak and Ricoh as well as with newer names in 360-degree capture such as Insta360.

The V360 app is already available for compatible Android devices, where is provides the ability to create videos with functions such as trimming, stitching, sorting, adding music and more all available with 4K film output, which can then easily be shared on social media such as Facebook, YouTube of Vimeo. An iOS version of the app will be available soon.

A video trailer for the V360 app is available to view below.

VRFocus will bring you further news on developments in 360-degree video technology as it becomes available.

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