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3D Sound Labs VR Audio Kit Introduces Bluetooth Support

New updated version of VR Audio Kit SDK is now available for download.

3D Sound Labs are one of the best-known specialists in the area of immersive 3D audio. Proper use of sound can make a he difference in the immersiveness of a virtual reality (VR) experience. In order to make creating 3D soundscapes easier, 3D Sound Labs have released an update to its VR Audio Kit SDK for Unity that introduces new features.

The latest version of the 3D Sound Labs SDK introduces several bug fixes and general quality improvements, as well as introducing Bluetooth support directly into the SDK, to allow users to use wireless Bluetooth headphones.

The VR Audio Kit allows users to make sound effects and environmental noises sound like they originate from a particular source. This allows VR users to accurately locate the source of a particular sound. This can be used as an aural ‘cue’ that lets developers direct the player’s attention in a particular direction. The VR audio Kit also allows for sound ‘reflections’ which can be adjusted according to distance and angle, creating a more realistic and immersive effects.

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The latest version of the VR Audio Kit works natively with the Unity engine and has been optimised for use in mobile VR applications. It has been engineered to produce ambisonic and object-based audio with minimal CPU consumption.

The updated version of the VR Audio Kit is available for download from the 3D Sound Labs website. A free evaluation version is available for users to test if the software is right for them. 3D Sound Labs are also keen to receive feedback from the community on new features and improvements to add to the SDK.

VRFocus will bring you further information on 3D Sound Labs and VR as it becomes available.

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