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Rock Band Guitar Controller

A Guide to the Rock Band Guitar Controller for Oculus Rift

Everything you need to know about the Rock Band Guitar Controller for Oculus Rift.

The Rock Band Guitar Controller is the least essential of all the input solutions for the Oculus Rift, simply because it only has one compatible videogame: Rock Band VR. However, your choice of Rock Band Guitar Controller – given the openness of the PC format – is pretty easy-going.

Rockband VRCompatible Rock Band Guitar Controllers

According to Oculus VR, Rock Band VR for Oculus Rift is compatible with any of the following:

• PlayStation®4 Fender Stratocaster*
• PlayStation®4 Fender Jaguar®*
• Xbox One Fender Stratocaster**
• Xbox One Fender Jaguar**

*Requires Bluetooth
**Requires Windows 10 Anniversary edition.

All purchases of Oculus Touch come with an adapter to allow a single controller to be attached to any Rock Band Guitar Controller. However, an Oculus Touch controller is required in addition to a Rock Band Guitar Controller to play Rock Band VR.

Rock Band Guitar Controller Price

The various Rock Band Guitar Controllers that are compatible with Rock Band VR and the Oculus Rift do vary greatly in price. Typically priced at around £50 GBP, some of the above listed Rock Band Guitar Controllers, as stated, may require a separate purchase of a Bluetooth adapter.

How to Use the Rock Band Guitar Controller

The Rock Band Guitar Controller is only compatible with Rock Band VR, and as such has limited use cases. The installation process will be familiar to anyone who has previously installed an external input device of any nature and Rock Band VR will automatically detect whether or not a compatible Rock Band Guitar Controller is connected.

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