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Blackpool’s Star Trek: The Exhibition Introduces VR Experience

Visitors to the exhibition over the anniversary weekend can play Star Trek: Bridge Crew on the Enterprise bridge set.

Star Trek: The Exhibition in Blackpool, UK is celebrating its first anniversary and as part of the celebrations they are offering visitors the unique chance to immerse themselves in the Star Trek world by playing Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

Visitors to Star Trek: The Exhibition on Blackpool’s famous Golden Mile over the weekend of the 8th-9th July, 2017 will have the opportunity to play the critically acclaimed Ubisoft virtual reality (VR) title Star Trek: Bridge Crew whist taking seats in the exhibition’s recreation of the famous Enterprise bridge set. The bridge set is already the most popular part of the exhibition, and getting to immerse themselves in the Star Trek universe this way will surely be a dream come true for many Star Trek fans.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew allows users to play alongside friends to take control of a Federation starship as it explores the universe, makes contact with new races and battle Klingons. Players can take on the role of Captain, Engineer, Tactical Officer or Helm Officer. The title offers features such as hand-tracking, full-body avatars and real-time lip-sync. Ubisoft have also recently introduced IBM Watson interactive speech recognition technology that allows players to interact with NPCs using naturalistic language.

Marketing manager of Star Trek: The Exhibition, Mark Williams, says: “We are delighted to celebrate our first birthday with this exciting new virtual reality extravaganza. Star Trek: Bridge Crew is the only game to offer a true-to-life level of immersion in the Star Trek universe and the team at Ubisoft® have helped us to combine the game with our existing ‘Bridge’ set, to create a unique experience that’s should generate amazing footfall this weekend. Both fans of Star Trek, and those who know little or nothing about the franchise, have the opportunity to experience something truly incredible, so we hope as many people as possible will turn up and have fun.”

Further information and tickets can be found at the Star Trek Blackpool website.

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