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Bloody Zombies key art

Bloody Zombies Offer a Fresh Perspective on the Possible Future of Virtual Reality Videogames

A lot has changed in 18 months.

VRFocus has already covered Bloody Zombies in previews and some gameplay is visible here. However here’s a quick re-cap on this co-operative side-scrolling brawler. London has been lost to the undead in Bloody Zombies, overrun by zombies four outcasts must band together and use various weapons to survive.

What makes Bloody Zombies unique is that you can play both in virtual reality (VR) and on a console at the same time. So whilst your buddies are on your couch, you can put on a headset and play with them. What’s quite nice is the flexibility of choosing to play in VR or non-VR, with players locally or online. You might not think a side-scrolling brawler works in VR, but it does. The characters appear as 2D cut-outs in a 3D world. This allows you view the landscape, see enemies approaching from a greater distance than you would usually be able to see on a 2D screen. So you get perspective. Every level is unique in art style as you encounter different zombies.

Steven Craft, Co-founder and Director of Paw Print Games tells VRFocus that when they pitched this concept 18 months ago, people weren’t able to wrap their heads around it. Now at E3, players get it and they like it, it works. This unique perspective certainly makes Bloody Zombies stand out amongst the other VR games. You can play it on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR.

Watch the video below to find out more.

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