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Casey Hudson Leaves Microsoft MR To Rejoin BioWare

Hudson taking over from Aaryn Flynn as new General Manager of BioWare.

Casey Hudson is a name known to fans of BioWare’s videogames. The director of the famous Mass Effect trilogy, and going further back, he also worked on iconic titles such as Baldur’s Gate II, Neverwinter Nights and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. In 2014, he left BioWare to join Microsoft as part of the division involved with Mixed Reality (MR) software creation, but now he is returning to BioWare as its new General Manager.

Hudson announced his return to BioWare in a Blog post on the BioWare website, a move he describes in the blog as ‘Coming Home’. Hudson joined BioWare directly out of university as a technical artist and worked on some of Bioware’s most famous and iconic titles. He is replacing outgoing General Manager Aaryn Flynn, who had also spend a considerable amount of time with the company.

In 2014, Hudson left BioWare to, in his words “Pursue a net set of challenges’ and in 2015 he joined Microsoft as a Creative Director at Microsoft Studios as part of its videogame production wing. His time at Microsoft is known to have involved some work as part of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality projects, though if Hudson will be applying knowledge gained from that to BioWare is unknown at this stage. Certainly Hudson is known to be one of the early adopter of Oculus Rift, acquiring one of the DK2 development kits early on, indicating his interest in virtual reality (VR).

In his blog post, Hudson says: “The last few years have been transformative for me, from having time to reflect on what I most want to do, to working with new technologies at platform scale. And now, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to return to lead BioWare – a studio that I think of as home.”

VRFocus will continue to report on Hudson’s involvement with VR and MR projects.

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