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Chromagun Developers Announce Intention To Bring Title to PlayStation VR

Feedback from the Reddit community inspires developers to port Chromagun into VR.

Pixel Maniacs, the developers behind shooter/puzzle hybrid title Chromagun have announced its intention to bring the title to PlayStation VR.

Chromagun was previously a non-virtual reality (VR) release on Steam, and the developers admit that they have a lot of work ahead of them to convert the gameplay into something suitable for VR.

“After some talks with Sony, we’ve decided to give the PSVR port a go!” said Pixel Maniacs spokesman Ben on Reddit, “We can’t 100% guarantee it will make it to the store. As a small indie studio, we have to be economical, unfortunately – so if the port turns out to be too expensive, we might have to cancel it. However, I’d say we have a pretty good idea of how much work it’s going to be, and right now it’s looking good.”

The decision to port Chromagun to PlayStation VR came from a previous Reddit post from the developers announcing an upcoming PlayStation 4 non-VR port. Reddit users were quick to point out that Chromagun would be an excellent fit for PlayStation VR. The developers eventually caved to rising demand from the Reddit videogaming community and agreed to attempt to re-create Chromagun for PlayStation VR.

The gameplay of the original version of Chromagun involves using a high-tech paint gun to colourise walls in order to move the deadly worker droids out of your path. Several critics have described it as akin to acclaimed first-person puzzle title Portal.

Pixel Maniacs have been taking ideas and suggestions for what features customers wish to see in the PlayStation VR version of the title. So far, there has been much demand for support for the recently released Aim Controller.

VRFocus will bring you further news on the VR port of Chromagun as it becomes available.

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