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Gunheart screenshot

Co-op Shooter Gunheart Hits Steam Early Access

It supports full cross-play between Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Last year several virtual reality (VR) veterans from Epic Games, Oculus and Microsoft announced the formation of a new studio, Drifter Entertainment. Then a couple of months ago the team revealed development on its first VR title, a co-op first-person shooter called Gunheart. For those that have been keeping a close eye on its progress they’ll be happy to know the title has now arrived on Steam Early Access for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with Touch support.

Supporting full cross-platform compatibility between the two headsets, Gunheart aims to combine the fun of summer sci-fi blockbuster movies with the gameplay of Gears of War and Halo. Players are cast as robotic bounty hunters earning a living by exterminating aliens across the galaxy. As they do so, the cash they collect can be used to upgrade their rig, whilst amassing a large arsenal of weapons and unlocking abilities. While Gunheart can be played single-player, going on the hunt in a team of three will unlock greater rewards.

Gunheart screenshot

In its current early access form Gunheart’s campaign is fully playable with over nine weapons to choose from, each with its own unique upgrades, several enemy types and support for 3 player co-op. Drifter Entertainment has also included a 10-player deathmatch “Brawl” game mode.

The title will see a full release within the next six months. “The final version will include additional game modes, new weapon types, and of course new enemies to battle against. We also plan to introduce many more options on how players can customize both their weapons and their rigs as well. On the competitive side we intend to add support for spectating, streaming, leaderboards, and unique unlocks for players,” states the studio.

If you want to dive right in, Gunheart can be downloaded from Steam for £26.99 GBP for either headset.

As for any further updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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