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Cutlass Sets Sail On Viveport & Steam

Do what you want cause a pirate is free. You are a pirate!

Yo ho! If you ever fancied yourself as a gallant buccaneer bravely sailing the seven seas, or alternative a bit of a scallywag scouring the oceans for fame, booty and your next taste of rum then there’s a recently released game for HTC Vive that might just be for you.

It’s called, somewhat appropriately, Cutlass. A room-scale videogame available on Viveport and now also on Steam your role is to take control of your ship and explore a selection of islands. You’re not the only pirate on these waters however, so you’d best be prepared to defend and attack as necessary and not be afraid to get your hook dirty. A pirate is ruthless – you will need to be too!

Developed by DemigonCutlass comes complete with both a day/night and weather systems, affecting the mood of both your journey and your battles. Alongside the normal game of naval warfare, it also comes with a special time trial mode where you’ll put your nautical skills to the test on a special course against the clock. You can check out the videogame in action in the trailer below.

Cutlass is available for free as part of a Viveport subscription and can be purchased on Steam for £14.99 (GBP). VRFocus will bring you more news of new releases for HTC Vive on both platforms as we get it.

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