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Directive Games Teases AR Title Built With ARKit and Unreal Engine

Video demonstrated an AR rebuild of mobile title The Machines using ARKit surface detection.

Since Apple launched itself into the augmented reality (AR) sphere and demonstrated its new Arkit SDK, several companies have been experimenting with what Apple’s AR capabilities are. One company, Directive Games, have produced a video teasing an AR rebuild of its existing title The Machines.

The Machines was originally released in 2016 as a PvP battle arena combined with elements of real-time strategy. Players take control of a team of specialised robots to take on an evil hive-mind that has enslaved the human race. Players can unlock different kinds of robots as they progress, build up defences for their home base, or charge forward to attack the enemy across the 3D battle field.

According to the developers, the AR rebuild displayed in the short video was built using ARKit and Unreal Engine 4 and uses ARKit’s surface detection to project the 3D rendered battlefield on to a tabletop so robot forces can march forward to attack an enemy base.

There is no word yet on if this is just a proof of concept demo or if Directive Games are indeed planning on releasing a new AR rebuild of The Machines for release on Apple’s new AR-enabled devices. As such, there is no word on a release date or price point, though if the developers are planning a release, it is not likely to appear until iOS 11 is commercially available.

Updates and further information on Directive Games and its ongoing projects can be found at the company’s website. There is an email list available for updates specifically regarding The Machines, which does seem to suggest the developers have further plans for it.

You can watch the demo video for The Machines AR below.

VRFocus will bring you further news on ARKit projects as it becomes available.

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