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Echo Arena Will be Free for the First Three Months

After the promotion period it’ll then cost $19.99.

During the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) last month, developer Ready at Dawn announced a sister title to its single-player sci-fi adventure Lone Echo, that was Echo Arena. A pure multiplayer experience, at the time the studio said Echo Arena would be free for a limited period. Now further details have emerged on how long that promotional period will last and the cost once it ends.

Ready at Dawn released all the details on Oculus’ forums, revealing that Echo Arena will be free for the first three months after launch next week. This is due to a sponsorship by Intel so that anyone with an Oculus account can download the videogame. After that promotion period has finished Echo Arena will then cost $19.99 USD, so it’s worth adding to your library even if you don’t play it straight away. There’s no exact date on when the free period will end, the studio states that’ll be announced closer to the time.

Echo Arena

It’s worth noting that downloading Echo Arena for free doesn’t give you access to Lone Echo. They are separate titles, so if you want to play Lone Echo you can pre-order it now for $34.99 or pay $39.99 on launch day.

Echo Arena pits two teams of five players against one another in low gravity arenas. They have to capture a disc and get it to the opposing side to score a goal with it. To make things somewhat trickier, the arenas are filled with an array of obstacles that not only deflect the disc in random directions but will also impede players movement as well.

Ready at Dawn ran a beta weekend for Echo Arena so that players could have a taste of what to expect. If you didn’t play it at the time then you can always read VRFocus’ preview from E3 2017.

Oculus has been making a massive push this week to attract new customers to its platform. Earlier this week the company announced a big price drop for the headset plus the Oculus Touch controllers, dropping the price down to $399/£399 GBP. And today it announced that after that promotion ends Oculus Rift and Touch will have a permanent price reduction with the kit retailing for $499.

As ever, keep reading VRFocus for all the latest VR news and updates.

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