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End Space is Coming to PlayStation VR in September

PlayStation Plus members will get a launch-week discount of 10 percent.

Just over a year ago developer Justin Wasilenko launched his debut Samsung Gear VR titleEnd Space. Having now formed Orange Bridge Studios, the team has today announced that the space combat title will be coming to PlayStation VR in September 2017.

Players will find themselves in the pilot seat of the Minos Starfighter, equipped with guns that are aimed through gaze controls, making sure that players can track or lock on to their targets independently from flying the ship using Pulse Lasers or Meteor Missiles.

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“We’ve been working hard to create a space combat simulator that really showcases the advantages of gaming in virtual reality,” said Lee Wasilenko Co-Founder, Orange Bridge Studios Inc. on the PlayStation.Blog.

End Space will launch for PlayStation VR on 19th September, retailing for $19.99 USD. Those with PlayStation Plus will get a special launch-week discount of 10 percent.

Featuring a single-player story-driven campaign, End Space will also include a bunch of PlayStation 4 Pro enhancements, with the studio, adding Resolution Oversampling, Post-processing effects, High Resolution Textures and High Polygon models to make it look and feel even more immersive.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of End Space and Orange Bridge Studios, reporting back with any further announcements.

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