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Feel Like a Puzzle Space God in Toran

Nina discusses space, puzzles and more with developer Jonatan Crafoord.

There were several domes at Unite Unity’s Technology Conferences (Amsterdam), that showcased virtual reality (VR) videogames and experiences. Some of them were action packed and involved lightsabers whilst others were a little bit more calm. Toran, the first VR game by Swedish Studio Really Interactive is a puzzle adventure science-fiction game.

You play as a scientist who finds an alien artefact on a distant moon, which turns out to be a vehicle for travelling between stars. Toran is in the experimentation stages and has no plans for release as of yet, but Jonatan Crafoord tells VRFocus that it will be available for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. You use your controller to solve various puzzles, expanding and contracting galaxies whilst lining up stars and re-shaping stars to fit a certain shape. Really Interactive plans to expand the game by adding more puzzles, story and content. To find out more check out the video below.



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