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Flying Pipes, Bowler Hats And More As Magritte VR Goes Behind The Scenes

BDH Immersive take a look behind the curtain on the surrealist experience.

You may recall from a couple of weeks back on VRFocus our reporting of a new virtual reality (VR) powered art experience based around the life of artist life of Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte.

Magritte, who died in 1967, was the focus of the exhibition put on by BDH Immersive to mark a half-century since his death. The creative agency building a specially commissioned VR cinema shaped like a giant bowler hat. A nod to perhaps his work’s most common image, that of a man in a bowler hat, his face often covered – or, as in the case of his painting The Pilgrim, missing entirely.


The immersive journey itself takes the audience through a large number of iconic works by the artist such as La Magie Noir (Black Magic), The False Mirror and The Treachery of Images and you can see the trailer for the experience, which is open until 3rd September 2017, here.

However, a behind the scenes video has also been released by the agency show different footage from the venue as well as the experience itself. You can see the footage below.

“As an artist, he too would have been inspired by the emerging technologies.” Commented John Durrant, BDH Immersive Director and Director of Magritte Virtual Reality. “We can only dream what amazing virtual realities he would have created. I hope he would have enjoyed the Magritte Virtual Reality Experience.”

VRFocus will continue to bring you updates on VR’s use not just in videogames and general software but in cultural endeavours as well. Be sure to follow us throughout the weekend for more news, videos and features on everything VR, AR and MR related.




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