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Front Defense screenshot

Front Defense Is Called Up To Steam

WW2 shooter title gets deployed onto the main Steam store following Viveport release.

It’s World War II and the theatre of war is about to welcome a new act to the stage. With the Normandy invasion over it’s now up to the Allied forces to begin reclaiming swathes of Europe still under the heel of the vile Nazi’s jackboot.

Developed by Fantahorn Studio, a first-party developer of publisher VIVE Studios, Front Defense is a room-scale virtual reality (VR) videogame title which puts you in the role of an Allied soldier, desperately fighting a last stand against Axis forces from both the ground and the air.

Front Defense screenshotAlready on Viveport following a launch at the end of last month, Front Defense is ready to roll out to purchase and download on Steam for £14.99 (GBP).

As VRFocus described in our review from earlier this week, Front Defense is heavy on both armament and atmosphere: “There’s a heavy focus on realism with the rifle and bazooka both needing to be reloaded in the appropriate fashion. This realism also extends to the level design and look, with each stage set in a fictional European village that look like you’re really back in the 1940’s. Explosions are constant, with holes being ripped into buildings and the sounds of aircraft and sirens fill the air for dramatic effect.”

You can see a trailer for the game below. Have an VR HMD you want to see all the news about? Click one of the links at the very top of the website to see everything on VRFocus relating to the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear VR or Google Daydream devices.

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