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Go Live Direct from Facebook Spaces

Oculus Rift users can now stream live from Facebook Spaces

During Facebook’s 10th annual F8 conference in April the company announced Facebook Spaces, a new social virtual reality (VR) app for Oculus Rift. Today, the company has revealed a new feature what’ll allow Oculus Rift users to stream live from inside VR.

Still currently in beta, Facebook Spaces is all about connecting with friends and having a personalised online VR presence. With the new update that’s gone live today, users will now be able to use Facebook’s live streaming functionality whilst using Oculus Rift, streaming their avatar and virtual world to their friends.

Facebook spaces live

When users activate the live function on Facebook Spaces, they’ll have a “virtual camera” that can be positioned wherever they like. Friends watching the broadcast can comment and ask questions to participate, with users able to see their reactions in VR.

“Facebook Live is already one of the most immediate and interactive ways to share moments with friends,” says Mike Booth, head of product management for Facebook Spaces. “By going live from Facebook Spaces, you can share a whole new kind of moment with friends and family directly from VR. Whether you’re touring exotic locations across the globe in 360, collaborating on a virtual marker masterpiece, or riffing on a viral video, the people who matter most to you can now follow along in real time on Facebook.”

With Facebook Spaces the social giant is continuing its strong summer VR promotion which started at the beginning of this week by reducing the cost of Oculus Rift and Touch. For a limited time consumers will be able to get the headset and motion controllers for $399 USD, saving $200.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Facebook Spaces, reporting back with the latest announcements.

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