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Blippar Halos Facial Recognition 1

‘Halos’ Facial Recognition Comes to Blippar App

The update has been rolled out today.

Blippar, the augmented reality (AR) company that lets users ‘blipp’ real world objects for more info, has today launched a new beta social feature called ‘Halos’, that brings a new facial recognition tech feature to its iOS and Android app.

In December 2016 the company launched Public Figure Facial Recognition, allowing users to scan 70,000 famous faces with its app to learn interesting facts about them drawn from the Blipparsphere. Using Halo, users can create and customise their own AR Face Profile, by scanning their face and altering multiple bubbles that appear above their head. These can be changed to include emoji, Tweets, videos, Spotify songs or photos.

Blippar Halos Facial Recognition 2

“Our faces are our most unique and expressive form of communication. Through AR Face Profiles we are making the face accessible in digital format for the first time, providing an innovative and dynamic way of expressing ourselves and discovering more about those around you,” said Ambarish Mitra, Co-Founder and CEO at Blippar in a statement. “The technology lends itself to many other forms of implementation, and we are delighted to be able to share our APIs and technology with other companies, who like us, are committed to spurring on innovation in their own industries.”

Blippar is also making its Facial Recognition technology available as an API for any businesses wishing to license and integrate it into their own applications and/or products.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Blippar, reporting back with the latest announcements.

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