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Rez Infinite 12

Immersion Beyond VR: Rez Infinite in a 4K Dome

An experiment in immersive entertainment took place at Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Japan.

Rez Infinite, the virtual reality (VR) sequel to mind-bending Dreamcast shooter Rez, is a great example of the genre, has won several awards and is a good gateway into using VR for those who have never experienced it before. The bright neon shooter recently was the centrepiece of the ‘VR to Dome Experiment’ in Japan.

At the Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation hosted an event that involved a theatre containing Japan’s first 3D hemispherical dome projector screen. The event hosted 100 guests, who had to apply for a chance to gain access to the experience, and we chosen by a lottery system.

A reporter from Famitsu described there being a crowd of all ages, from teenagers to the Elderly. Once everyone had entered, Head of Communication at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Mr. Shimizu explained what the experiment was, describing it as an attempt to fuse virtual reality with cinema.

Rez creator Mizuguchi Tetsuya also appeared as a special guest, saying: “Although VR is being focused on now, there are various forms of VR besides a single-player VR experience that is done by covering (head mounted display),” explaining the purpose of experiment, “I’m thinking of continuing to repeat various experiments involving VR with the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in the future.”

A player was chosen to use a VR headset to play through ‘Area X’ of Rez Infinite whilst attendees watched the visuals projected on the dome and listened to the title’s pulsing soundtrack pumped through Dolby Atmos high-powered speakers.

After the experiment was over, guests were invited to the lobby where several PlayStation VR headsets had been set up with Rez Infinite installed for guests to play freely.

It’s difficult to say if such a dome projection could match the immersion of a VR headset, though the pictures and videos of the event are impressive.

VRFocus will bring you further information on other VR Dome projects as it becomes available.

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