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Hangry Bunnies From Mars screenshot

Indie Dev Studio229 Looks for Kickstarter Support for Hangry Bunnies From Mars

It’s a short campaign with just over a week to go.

If you’re an indie virtual reality (VR) developer looking for funding then Kickstarter is a good place to start. Los Angeles, California-based Studio229 has launched a campaign to fund its comedic VR-shooter Hangry Bunnies From Mars.

So what can you expect from this first-person shooter (FPS), well bunnies lots of bunnies, that aren’t as cute as you may think. “The Bunny Empire came suddenly and without warning, swarming en-masse from the Red Planet itself with the sole intention of chowing down on the human race,” states Studio229.

These bunnies come in three flavours, the deadly Fluffies, the massive Heavies, and the speedy Scouts in their UFOs. To counter these pesky foes, players will be armed with an array outlandish weaponry. From the Pellet Pistol or the Rabbit Reaper, to the Vermin Vac and the Hare Heavier, which produces some explosive results.

Hangry Bunnies from Mars screenshot 1

Prior to starting Hangry Bunnies From Mars, Studio229 cut its teeth on several commercial VR projects for big brands, including Oculus, Lego, Morgan Page, YouTube Red, Octonauts, Cheerios and The Secret Location.

The campaign aims to raise a rather modest $4,000 USD over a two week period – it launched last week. Funding tiers start from $5 which gets backers an in-game credit as a supporter. To get a hold of the videogame you’ll need the $15 funding tier which has a limited amount, or then it’s on to $20. If your flush with cash then there’s always the top $150 tier which will get you a physical, printed concept art book as well as the videogame.

Studio229 plan on releasing Hangry Bunnies From Mars next month on Steam for HTC Vive.

For any further updates on Hangry Bunnies From Mars, keep reading VRFocus.

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