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KryptCrawler Creeps Out Of The Dungeon Onto Oculus Store This Week

Coming this Thursday, watch the release trailer here.

Load up rations bag, polish up your armour and sharpen your sword because it’s time to enter the darkness and descend into the abyss once again with the imminent release of KryptCrawler.

Announced almost a year ago at the 2016 edition of Gamescom, the title by Headup Games and CrazyBunch is a first-person dungeon explorer with a touch of classic game mechanics about it. With grid and turn based gameplay combined with real-time combat and the twist of virtual reality (VR) game mechanics. You take on the role of a warrior – one of the classic role-playing game categories, close ranger fighter, long range archer or magic user – who journeying into the black unknown and taking on the perils that await them. Be they gigantic spiders, scorpions, the undead, or what remains of those that have come before you and failed. It’s up to you to loot and most importantly live, the game promising:

  • An unmatched VR dungeon experience: The immersion of modern VR will make you almost smell the moss-covered stone walls of the underworld.
  • Survive vicious traps and solve challenging puzzles: Many tests will await you deep down in the crypt, getting more deadly the further you descend into the catacombs.
  • Fight off enemies in real-time combat: Close combat swordfight, ranged bow mastery and more – which warrior’s path will you choose?
  • Gear VR Controller support for maximum immersion and fun.
  • Innovative battle and movement system using Gear VR Touchpad support at its best: Controls your hero’s fate with only the tip of your fingers.
  • Loot weapons and epic treasures: All over the dungeon are powerful weapons and treasures to discover. Some will help you fight ferocious enemies some will even let you unveil new paths deeper into the crypt.
  • Hours of content: Fight, puzzle and explore through 10 giant story levels and unveil an ancient secret which lies hidden deep inside the crypt.

The developers have now announced that the game, which is coming to both the Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear VR head mounted displays (HMDs), will be available to buy on the Oculus Store as of this Thursday, 20th July 2017.  In preparation for this a new trailer has been released you can see below.

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