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Lampix Look To Raise Funds With Crowd-Sale Token Launch

Significant funding wanted for American ‘smart surface’ firm.

When discussing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) we usually discuss head mounted displays (HMDs), which is understandable.  It’s what we see with the tech space 99% of the time, a concept that makes sense to people that they can understand. You’re discussing altering vision. So, the addition of a pair of goggles or glasses to let you see something more makes sense. But there are companies out there who are using other forms of technology to augment the world around you and one of those in Lampix, a company you might not have heard of before.

Lampix is an American firm based in New York and San Francisco that, as the name might suggest produces a smart lamp that projects a display over any surface to turn it into a smart surface. Allowing you to do anything from play games to receive notifications. It can recognise physical objects and documents, and treat them as though they are digital allowing you to copy text from the document and save a digital version of it. To even simultaneously working on the same piece of paper with your partners work projected over the top. Which you can see below in a demonstration below.

It has people interested, even claiming victory in the AR and VR category at South by Southwest’s (SXSW) Accelerator Pitch Event. However it is, like many other companies, now looking for funding and has turned to a Crowd-Sale Token Launch (CTL) in the hope it may deliver “ideally” $60 Million (USD) “in order to fulfil our vision of having a Lampix in every room, shop, office, and factory.”

You can view a breakdown of how the CTL, which they will be referring to as ‘PIX’ and the resulting blockchain-based image mining network works here.

VRFocus will bring you more news on how this process goes and further news on more traditional AR uses throughout the week.

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