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Latest Version of Unity Engine – Unity 2017.1 is now Live

New subscription-based version of the Unity engine is now available to download.

The Unity engine is one of the most popular videogame engines available today. With estimates that is powers roughly half of all mobile videogames along with three-quarters of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) content. The people behind Unity have just announced that the latest version in the form of Unity 2017.1 is now available.

The new version is available to download now from the Unity Store. The release of Unity 2017.1 marks the company’s first fully subscription-based product. The new version of Unity is aimed and giving artists and designers new tools to create more content, including the new visual tools Timeline and Cinemachine.

Timeline and Cinemachine allows creators to control camera angles and shots without needing to hand-code. Other features include new analytics tools to allow creators to access more data about how customers are playing their games, and allowing changes to be made in real-time. Unity have also improved the asset store, and a full re-design of the Unity asset store is expected to roll out over the next couple of months.

“Unity 2017.1 is a one-stop creation powerhouse that will allow teams of artists and designers to unlock their full creativity. With incredibly open choreography tools like Timeline, smart procedural cameras in Cinemachine which follow your direction, and a built-in world-class colour grading suite plus the ability to edit and output all from within, we’re unleashing a content creation game changer that will improve collaboration across the board.” said Adam Myhill, Head of Cinematics, Unity. “Working in an environment with so much power and flexibility doesn’t just save a huge amount of time, it allows you to experiment, iterate and collaborate in ways which are the key ingredients of so many great things.”

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