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Lenovo daystAR

Lenovo Unveils AR Headset daystAR [Updated]

At this stage the device is still a concept.

Chinese tech giant Lenovo has yet to enter the virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) headset market with a device of its own but that won’t be the case for much longer. This year has already seen confirmation that the company will be making a Windows MR headset and a standalone VR  device based on the Google Daydream platform. Today, during its third annual Tech World innovation summit, the company has revealed lots of new concept products one of which is an AR head-mounted display called daystAR.

With the reveal today several details have surfaced regarding the headset. It’ll be a standalone device with its own built-in vision processing, have a 40-degree field-of-view (FoV), and the battery life should last for at least an hour during high-intensity sessions.

Lenovo daystAR

In terms of apps for the device, developers will be able to use the Lenovo AR Platform for scanning, uploading and editing 3D content.

As it’s just a concept at this stage few other details have been released regarding the specifications of the headset. An array of sensors are built into the front of the device such as a couple of cameras – similar in design to Microsoft HoloLens – enabling it to detect depth and other features from the world around the user.

A couple of buttons on top might act as power, home or volume controls, while a scroll wheel is featured right in the top middle, likely for focusing the device for spectacle users (just like Gear VR). While the headset strap on the back also has an adjustment wheel which will probably tighten the device to a users head.

While this headset may take sometime to come to market, expect Lenovo’s other HMD offering much sooner. It’s Windows MR headset has already been confirmed by Microsoft to be out in time for Christmas, with the Daydream standalone VR HMD also likely to see a release later this year.

A sneak peek of a device was revealed this past weekend with a collaboration between Disney and Lenovo on an AR experience called Star Wars: Jedi Challengesbut these are in fact different headsets.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Lenovo, reporting back with any further updates.

Update: VRFocus previously wrote that the Lenovo daystAR device was the same as that in the Disney collaboration. After speaking with a spokesperson from Disney the company has confirmed that the headset used in the Star Wars: Jedi Challenges trailer isn’t the daystAR. VRFocus apologises for the mistake.

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