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Life In 360° / 360 Degree Video

Life In 360°: An Edu-Space-ion

Thought Café and Crash Course mix science, education and pop culture.

After flying high in the skies over America and getting in touch with some aviation and military history today’s Life In 360° raids the vaults of YouTube once again for this offering from February 2016. That takes 360 degree video and gives it an addiitonal spin with both some science and some education.

We’re heading off into space, courtesy of Thought Café and Crash Course, as host Phil Plait guides us through the solar system, the planets, asteroids, the sun and of course Earth and its moon. Sit back and learn not just about the characteristics of these celestial bodies but also a little bit of their history.

If history’s not your thing how about a game of hide and seek? There’s a number of reference hidden and not so hidden to a number of sci-fi related television shows and films. Can you spot Rick and Morty? Or perhaps the Planet Express ship from Futurama? Or an Imperial Star Destroyer? Which nicely ties us in to our last little easter egg hunt.

Whatever your taste, you can find the video below.  VRFocus is back on Friday with our final visit to Life In 360° for the week.

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