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Star Wars duel

Life In 360°: Are You A Man Or A Mouse Droid?

A Star Wars 360 degree video with an observational challenge.

We round off the week on Life In 360° by journeying back in time, long ago to a galaxy far, far away. Yes we’ve something distinctly Star Wars themed for today’s video from pipocaVFX. Which takes takes place… well it’s actually rather difficult to say. It may be the Death Star, it may be an Star Destroyer – or even a Super Star Destroyer.

Whatever the case we’re onboard and riding on/as an Imperial ‘Mouse’ droid, or to give it it’s proper name a MSE-6-series repair droid. You probably know it as the black shoe box with wheels that immits a lots of deep whoops and high pitched paniced squeals.

Get ready for a ride through the hanger bay to meet an arriving Darth Vader on his shuttle, avoiding Stormtroopers, other droids and the dark lord of the Sith himself. On your travels you also need to be on the look out for some hidden items. Including a certain R2-D2.

It’s a hard lot being an SE-6-series repair droid though. You do so get little respect – let’s just hope there isn’t any grumpy bounty hunters about. VRFocus will be back next week with more examples of 360 degrees in action.

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