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Life In 360°: OmniVirt Look To Make 360 Degrees Interactive

As demonstrated in a new campaign involving Cathay Pacific.

We can’t always have travels to other lands when there’s hot topics to discuss with the medium, although today’s video is related to travel. A growing topic and one we’ve certainly been seeing a lot of discussion about within virtual reality (VR) in recent weeks is advertising. One company that certainly been in the mix regarding those discussions is OmniVirt.

OmniVirt have previously worked with big media names like The New York Times, AOL, Universal Pictures, Netflix,  SnapChat and other brands in order to bring advertising to 360 degree videos, and earlier this month OmniVirt and Tremor Video announced a platform for pre-roll ads for 360 degree video content. This time however they are taking 360° video interactive with what they are calling the world’s first interactive 360º video advertisement.

The firm has teamed up with airline Cathay Pacific to produce a video where users are able to view what it would be like to be in a first class cabin. Using OmniVirt’s proprietary hotspot technology partners, in this case Cathay Pacific, are able to set a number of ‘triggers’ which can be activated by the viewer throughout the video to view additional connected media and gain more information.

Speaking in a press statement, OmniVirt CEO Brad Phaisan commented on the new campaign. “We love working with partners like Cathay Pacific that are leaning into new formats and new ways of engaging their customers. We know brands and consumers are excited by immersive 360° VR content experiences and we have built our platform to make it easy for both creators and viewers to experience this content.”

The campaign will run over the coming months across major web properties, and today for Life In 360° we’re including both the video and the marketing explanation/trailer behind it which you can both find below. Advertising in VR is going to be a topic that runs and runs and you can expect more discussion on the various platforms in the months ahead. As always VRFocus bring you more information about OmniVirt’s activities as we get it and Life In 360° will be back next week.

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