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Life In 360° / 360 Degree Video

Life In 360°: The Arts Come Alive In The Floating City

The first three parts of a series of 360 degree videos focusing on the arts.

Wrap up our thrice weekly look at 360 degree video with a spot of culture. No scavenger hunts in our videos today as we’re off to the floating city that is Venice, Italy for an entire series of 360 degree videos being put out by arts focused YouTube channel Artsy.

The series in question revolves around Biennale di Venezia aka The Venice Biennale, as twice yearly arts festival organised by the Biennale Foundation that focuses on a variety of spheres of the arts. Including painting (contemporary art), architecture and design, the theatre, sculpture, cinematography and more. In it’s original form, the exhibition was first held in 1895.

The series, entitled “Inside The Biennale in 360°” looks at various aspects of the exhibition, including its history and a look at some of the exhibitors. For today we have the first three videos in the series that include a look behind the scenes at a performance art series of ‘sculptures’ and one studio’s dedication to the art sound.

VRFocus will of course be back on Monday with a further look into how the world is using 360 degree technology.

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