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Lone Echo screenshot

Listen to Lone Echo’s Inspiring Sci-Fi Soundtrack

Enjoying Lone Echo? Have a listen to Jason Graves’ original score right here at VRFocus.

Ready at Dawn’s Lone Echo is proving hugely popular with the virtual reality (VR) community, with many suggesting that the videogame is an experience that can help take the medium mainstream. Like any AAA videogame production, Lone Echo’s soundtrack was an integral part of a cohesive whole. And now acclaimed composer Jason Graves has offered his work up for free listening.

Lone Echo screenshot 2Lone Echo is a videogame that has been built to take full use of the unique advantages of VR, and specifically Oculus Touch. Playing as an artificial intelligence aid to captain Olivia Rhodes, the videogame is set in deep space in the year 2126. Ready at Dawn called on Graves once more for a unique score to highlight the relationship between humans and the first sentient android in the year 2126 in the recently released Lone Echo.

Graves has an established track record of producing music for videogames, having worked on many AAA productions including Far Cry Primal, Until Dawn, Evolve and Ready at Dawn’s previous works, including The Order: 1886.

The original music for Lone Echo and multiplayer sister title, Echo Arena, combines ambient, analog synth soundscapes with gritty drums and features the ethereal vocals of Malukah. An official soundtrack will be released shortly, but for now three tracks are available to listen to right here at VRFocus.

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