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Masai Interactive Announces VR Multiplayer Shooter Space Conquest

Fast-paced FPS focuses on simple ‘pick up and play’ multiplayer gameplay with no queuing.

The rise of virtual reality (VR) represents an opportunity for small, independent developers to make a name for themselves and their work as the industry is still growing and developing. One company who has chosen to take advantage of this is Masai Interactive and developer NyanBlade, whose first title, Space Conquest has just been announced.

Using a bright, stylised 3D setting with a blocky, almost 16-bit effect similar to titles such as Minecraft, Space Conquest is styling itself as a ‘pick up and play’ casual first-person shooter suitable for party play. The title focuses on fast-paces multiplayer gameplay. There is no queue system, players can simply jump into maps as commence shooting.

The online play mode uses a four-player competitive game mode referred to as ‘Arms Race’. Several different weapons are available, with small maps to encourage players to go toe-to-toe. Avatars are customisable with different colour schemes to avoid confusion. Locomotion is free with ‘snap turning’. A left-handed mode is also available for players who are not right-handed.

To support the multiplayer focus, Space Conquest will have both US and EU servers and a voice chat function. AI bots will be available in matches where not enough human players are present.

The developers are planning on launching a closed Beta for the title next week, with plans to release the title into Earth Access some time in July. An announcement trailer for Space Conquest is available to view below.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Space Conquest and other upcoming VR titles as it becomes available.

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