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Matterport and Truss Partner to Create New VR Real Estate Viewer

Trust customers can now view full 3D models of properties in VR thanks to Matterport partnership.

It’s already been demonstrated that virtual reality (VR) is very useful for allowing customers the opportunity to see locations they couldn’t easily get to, or to pre-visualise a space before it is built. Real estate and travel are two of the areas where VR is growing fast. Now Matterport and Truss have teamed up to create a new application that allows customers to view properties without having to physically go there.

Truss are well known as a provider of commercial real estate services, while Matterport are content and hardware creators in the VR area. The two companies have partnered to combine their skills to create a new VR viewing platform that allows Truss customers to examine 3D models of properties such as offices.

Matterport have equipped its partner photographers with its Pro2 camera to take DSLR-quality photographs of the locations, in addition to capturing 360-degree ‘virtual tour’ footage. Truss is able to use this captured footage to create accurate models of its properties by using footage captured by a single camera.

“Our partnership with Matterport is essentially changing how people can visualize commercial properties,” said Thomas Smith, co-founder of Truss. “Spending time to physically visit office spaces that may or may not be a match is no longer the only option to search for office space. Thanks to Matterport’s sophisticated technology, we can now bring the space to tenants.”

“We’re excited to partner with Truss as they pioneer innovative ways to help companies search for office space,” said Bill Brown, CEO of Matterport. “Our end-to-end solution automates the process of capturing and creating immersive walk-throughs, enabling forward-thinking companies like Truss to deliver a superior experience to their customers.”

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