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win10 MR headsets

Microsoft Showcases Plans for Windows 10 Mixed Reality

A presentation at the Windows Hardware Development Conference in Taipei reveals more about Windows 10 Mixed Reality.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mixed Reality headsets are currently expected to be commercially available for consumers for Christmas 2017 and Microsoft have also recently announced a development challenge for Mixed Reality, showing the company is series about the new technology. Nadia Steer-Mobley spoke in Taipei at a WinHEC (Windows Hardware Development Conference) workshop about Microsoft’s plans for its Windows 10 Mixed Reality platform.

The session began with a demonstration involving two women, one of whom, named Ming Fe was wearing an Acer MR headset, while the other woman, named Mei, was wearing a HoloLens. The two women played the same videogame. Ming Fe was walking around a tropical island trying to find an escape route. Mei could see the island from above using the HoloLens and could use her alternative view to assist Ming Fe by find clues to help her find solution to certain puzzles. This demonstration aimed to show how well the two technologies could mesh together.

Microsoft are offering a shared software development kit for HoloLens and Windows 10 Mixed Reality headsets, to allow content creators to create experiences that can be shared between devices. The presentation also showed the set-up process for new Windows 10 MR devices. Microsoft have aimed for ease-of-use with regards to set up, trying to give end users a simplified interface and clear instructions.

Steer-Mobley offered a look at what the Windows 10 MR experience will be like. The ‘home’ area is designed to offer a consistent experience between devices. The interface uses an actual house as an interface model, with different rooms in the virtual space being used for different purposes in order to keep things clear and simple of the user. The interface is customisable to apps can be placed in different areas, such as being placed on a virtual shelf or pinned to a VR wall in order to suit the user. This is planned to be included in the Fall Creators Update for Windows 10.

VRFocus will bring you further information about Windows 10 Mixed Reality as it becomes available.

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