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Mortenson Create AR App For Visualising Construction

AR app will allow students at the University of Washington to visualise their new building.

Students at the University of Washington will be able to use a mobile augmented reality (AR) app to see what the new CSE2 computer science building will look like when it is completed in January 2019. The app was developed by Mortenson Construction to aid in visualising construction.

Use of AR and virtual reality (VR) in construction has been growing. The new app was developed by Mortenson Construction’s in-house technology team. The app allows users to see a new build project from the outside in AR, then use VR to go inside the building to see the lobby, workroom, robotics lab and offices. Mortenson are hoping that the app will generate interest and engagement from students and staff.

“A typical campus construction project like CSE2 can last two years or more,” Kinsman said. “This window presents a tremendous opportunity to engage the public, and to build excitement around campus. AR and VR represent a vast improvement over traditional public engagement methods like flyers, fencing signage or a website. We are scratching the surface of what’s possible.”

Mortensen have also been working with DAQRI, the creators of an AR smart helmet to test other AR construction applications, noting that AR headsets have great potential for helping with construction projects, making construction sites safer and potentially speeding up project build times.

The company first began using VR and AR technology to help model the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles in 2000. A project some said was impossible due to the lack of 90-degree angles, but mas made possible due to clever use of VR modelling technology borrowed from the manufacturing and aerospace industries.

VRFocus will continue to bring you news of new apps and developments in VR and AR in the construction industry.

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