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Music and VR Flow Together in Water Planet

Developer VIRGO releases new developer diary speaking of the inspiration behind Water Planet’s soundtrack.

A virtual reality (VR) title being developed by music label and videogames publisher The Revera Corporation have released an online video diary on the development of upcoming title Water Planet, hosted by musician and lead developer VIRGO.

Water Planet is a VR adventure title set on an alien world covered in deep, mysterious seas. The player takes the role of an explorer who needs to search the ocean depths to find resources to fuel their spaceship. Players will need to solve puzzles and navigate their way through mysterious sunken ruins of ancient civilisations.

The developer diary video speaks of VIRGO’s inspirations for the audio design of Water Planet and its accompanying soundtrack. The latest developer diary in the second to be created about Water Planet, and a third is due to arrive before the title is officially launched. Water Planet is VIRGO’s first VR title, and features music from her personally devised ‘Ocean Tech’ style, which has been described as a mix of house, trance and future beats with crystalline vocals with sci-fi elements.

Water Planet is a powerful example of the environment we’re creating for our artists. We want to enable them to cross the sound barrier into the visual world and tell their stories in the most immersive medium we know: Virtual Reality.” said Jason Cole, Project Director, The Revera Corporation.

The new developer diary is available to view below. A firm release date has yet to be revealed, but is estimated for later Summer 2017. Further information and updates can be found on the Steam page. So far, the Water Planet Steam page only mentioned the planned HTC Vive version, no plans have been confirmed for any other platforms.

VRFocus will bring you further information as it becomes available.

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