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New VR Studio Virtual Arts Will Focus On Mobile Apps

EX-ARM staff announce new VR content studio Virtual Arts.

Though Cambridge-based development studio Virtual Arts was formed back in December 2016, it has been very quiet up until now, as it gathered personnel and funding for its projects. Now, having successfully acquired seed funding, ex-ARM employees Nizar Romdan and Doug Day are setting out to create virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) projects.

An announcement on the company’s blog explained that the company plans to create ‘New content IP’ in the form of animations, interactive experiences and videogames, using Romdan and Day’s experience in the mobile market as a guide.

Aside from its two founders, Virtual Arts is largely staffed by former staff of the Sony Guerrilla Cambridge staff, who were snapped up by Virtual Arts after the studio closed on early 2017. The new studio plans to be focussed on creating “A unique technology platform that will meet the requirements and challenges of VR/AR/MR development and enable stunning content for entry-level devices.”

“There will soon be a world where virtual reality headsets are as readily available and as easily disposable as coffee cup holders. The devices of today with their current performance capabilities will be the dominant devices. The content being delivered to these devices will come from Virtual Arts and the companies using Virtual Arts’ unique technology platform to create content.” commented Virtual Arts CEO Nizar Romdan.

The Virtual Arts team will be appearing at the Develop: Brighton Conference, where they will be on the ground floor of the British Airways i360 Experience, opposite the Hilton Metropole Hotel.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Virtual Arts and its projects as it becomes available.

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